Winter 2019

As the endless winter continues…

Greetings – As the endless winter continues we are very excited to welcome all of the visitors to Truckee/Tahoe for President’s week and look forward to sharing this winter wonderland.  Skiing is one of the few sports that you can do as a family togeth… Read More

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…Still Dumping!

Welp…we asked for it and we got it! January and Feburary have delivered, where most years we look to March and April to be the large producers. I’m so tired from weeks of shoveling and riding…but it’s the absolute best kind of tired…and I like th… Read More

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Summer Bucket List: Musical Ambitions

Living in Tahoe for any length of time – decades, years, or a week-long visit – can produce powerful memories. The Tahoe lifestyle, the scenery, the activities, the adventure, the skiing, the lake, all play a part. One of the most accessible yet overlo… Read More

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Summer Bucket List: Sugar Bowl to Squaw

My favorite pastime is hands down hiking and backpacking. I love exploring new areas and spending extended time outside in the elements. Hiking from Sugar Bowl to Squaw has been on my radar for quite some time. It takes a bit of planning, as a shuttle… Read More

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Summer Bucket List: Set the Record

  Since the young age of 8 golf has been a part of my life. Starting with the basic swing, chip shot and putting stroke at my local municipal golf course, all the way to becoming a PGA professional, it has been quite the journey. The taste of comp… Read More

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Summer Bucket List: Mile by Mile

  Born and raised in Maine I was destined to enjoy the outdoors. There’s really not much more to do in the state than to be outside. In the summers, I spent it camping and hiking. One of the greatest parts about Tahoe is how much hiking there is.… Read More

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Summer Bucket List: Taking the Plunge

I moved to Tahoe City unseen about eleven years ago. The drive cross-country was tedious to say the least and it was very late as I was nearing the final destination – the cabin I was moving into at the base of Homewood Ski Resort on Tahoe’s infamous W… Read More

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Summer Bucket List: Hit the Road

  When you live in such a beautiful place like Lake Tahoe, coupled with the demands of modern life, it’s difficult to remember the importance of getting out of town once in awhile to explore other regions. With the challenges that accompany raisin… Read More

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Summer Bucket List: Wedded Bliss

  Though it feels like summer has come and gone in the blink of an eye, there are still amazing days of fall to be had. Most summers usually revolve around playing golf, fishing and some sort of baseball activities. The fishing pole gathered dust,… Read More

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Old Greenwood is so Hot Right Now

  While ultimately there is always a growing shift toward ski-centric property as we inch near winter, the one community that always seems to be relevant in all seasons is Old Greenwood. The community is named after Caleb Greenwood, a western U.S.… Read More

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