2017 Schaffer’s Mill Mid-Year Report

  Through the first 2 quarters in 2017, Schaffer’s Mill has witnessed 3 single family homes transacting. Median sales price was 3% less than the same period a year ago, at $1.4M. Another 3 Mountain Lodges traded, down from the 8 the previous perio… Read More

Mike Montalbano Mike Montalbano, July 15, 2017 in Market Update, Real Estate, Real Estate Trends, Schaffer's Mill, TMR, Tahoe-Truckee
405 Carrie Pryor

Premium Value Placed On New Product

Among the more notable dynamics fueling a sensational 2016 for Tahoe-Truckee real estate, was the premium value placed on new and innovative product. The stereotypical Tahoe home may be a 1970’s era A-frame with a filtered lake view within an easy driv… Read More

TMR Team TMR Team, February 8, 2017 in New Product, Premium Value, Real Estate Trends, Tahoe-Truckee