October, 2018 Tahoe-Truckee Market Update

The third quarter of 2018 was record setting for real estate in the Tahoe Truckee region by every measure but for one. Total sales volume and average price hit all-time highs while median price equaled the 2006 market peak. Only the total number of sal… Read More

TMR Team TMR Team, October 2, 2018 in Market Update, Q3, Real Estate, Tahoe-Truckee

Q3, 2016 Northstar Market Update

Northstar demand continues to be strong in Third Quarter 2016, as demonstrated by robust sales and shrinking inventory. During that period a total number of 42 properties listed and 29 sold. This steadiness helps market stability and builds confidence… Read More

Teddy Runge Teddy Runge, October 24, 2016 in Market Update, Q3

Q3, 2016 Mountainside at Northstar Market Update

Quarter 3, 2016 proved to be a productive time for the Mountainside team as the 16th and final Home Run Townhome residence sold from it’s launch in 2010. Being one of the last 4 bedroom options at approximately 3300 square feet, this townhome embraced… Read More

Matty McInnis Matty McInnis, October 20, 2016 in Mountainside at Northstar, Q3

Q3, 2016 Old Greenwood Market Update

  Q3 2016 will be noteworthy in the life cycle of Old Greenwood as the time of the first new developer-offered properties in the community in ten years. Since the summertime release of these seven townhomes, known as the Legacy Collection, there h… Read More

Abby Hogan Abby Hogan, October 20, 2016 in Old Greenwood, Q3

Q3, 2016 Vintage Northstar Market Update

Through the third quarter of 2016, the Vintage Northstar market has increased in transactions and total sales. 28 single family homes have sold, up from 13 transactions in 2015. The increase in sales could be contributed to an re-infused excitement in… Read More

Andre Gust Andre Gust, October 19, 2016 in Northstar, Q3

Q3, 2016 Martis Camp Market Update

  The sales velocity at Martis Camp so far in 2016 is nothing short of phenomenal. At the conclusion of the 3rd quarter, there have been 45 homes closed compared to a total of 22 total home sales in all of 2015. In other terms, the number of home… Read More

Katie Tyler Katie Tyler, October 19, 2016 in Martis Camp, Q3