March, 2019 Tahoe-Truckee Market Update

Abundant snowfall has impaired the ability of many would-be consumers to visit the region deferring purchasing decisions to spring. This may cause a slower than usual March; a time when winter sales often find their greatest stride before a shoulder se… Read More

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September, Tahoe-Truckee Market Update

A battle between classic and contemporary is being waged between Tahoe lakefront’s and Martis Camp – it’s a battle for supremacy at the top of the region’s marketplace. The classics, traditional estate property along Tahoe’s waterfront, saw the fourth… Read More

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May, 2018 Tahoe-Truckee Market Update

The first tangible proof of an apparent trend for the Tahoe Truckee real estate market became apparent in April, 2018. Due to an exceptional shortage of inventory, the volume of transactions dropped significantly when compared to the same month in prev… Read More

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