Mountainside 2018 Year End Market Update

2018 was another great year at Mountainside. With almost $27 million in sales the community once again proved that winter activities are not the only thing that drive ownership. As all of our Tahoe families understand, once ski teams end the summers sp… Read More

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cedar house

Design Trends – Living Roofs

Today, modern home design comes in a variety of mediums. Between home architecture, building materials, furniture and creative landscaping and lighting there are a lot of new home building trends that people are becoming interested in. One of my favori… Read More

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Truckee Donner Land Trust Conservation Effort

The dramatic real estate cycle of the past decade has had many impacts.  Many of the stories widely circulated have told the story of loss; whether of families displaced entirely or of equity previously realized in homes. As with all things cyclical, t… Read More

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Big Springs at Northstar

There are so many activities to do around the Tahoe-Truckee area that deciding on location for your vacation home can be one of the biggest decisions in your buying process.  I’m hoping to help with this in highlighting our key second home communi… Read More

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Opportunities at Old Greenwood

 After looking at Lahontan last week, another community to highlight in the Truckee-Tahoe area is Old Greenwood.   Old Greenwood is similar in both quality of real estate and lifestyle, but unlike Lahontan, is not private.  The public atmosphere is evi… Read More

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Lahontan – A Private Community for the Quiet Lifestyle

Lahontan is Truckee’s original private golf course community which continues to be an ideal destination for our premium home buyers.  The benefits are both in its central location and style of living.  While here you are in a private, gated community w… Read More

Dylan Griffin Dylan Griffin, August 7, 2014 in Lahontan, Real Estate

The Tahoe Trend in Home Buying

In contemplating the families to whom I’ve had the opportunity of selling real estate, some trends appear to be emerging among their use patterns.  I’ve found that more and more of these people, all of whom are exceptionally well-qualified financially,… Read More

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Demand in Gray’s Crossing

Homesite F15 in Sierra Cove at Gray’s Crossing just sold for $245,000 making it the highest lot sale at Gray’s since 2008.  This is roughly 20% higher than the previous high sale that was sold this winter.   The demand for homesites in Gray’s… Read More

Dylan Griffin Dylan Griffin, June 10, 2014 in Gray's Crossing

Tahoe Summer Bucket List: Rock Climbing

Summertime really makes Tahoe one of the best places on Earth.  It almost never rains or gets above 80 degrees, and for some magnificent reason mosquitoes don’t like it here.  Since you can be outside doing something every day, it is actually… Read More

Dylan Griffin Dylan Griffin, June 4, 2014 in Activities & Recreation

A Guide to Northstar Homes

With the ski resort opening tomorrow, now is the ideal time to look at Northstar area real estate.  The last decade off expansion throughout the resort has given any potential buyer many options to look at.  Northstar has everything from trad… Read More

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