Summer Bucket List: Climb Every Mountain

  I love maps. I can sit there and scan around on Google Earth for hours just marveling at how vast the Sierra Nevada mountain range is. So many lakes, rivers, trails, and peaks. After a while of digitally exploring the area it comes time to throw… Read More

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Fall in Truckee

  33 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s been the average low in Truckee for the past 2 weeks. These crisp, chilly nights are a gentle reminder that Fall has finally arrived and that it’s time to start preparing for fun in the snow. However, before we star… Read More

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Gratitude and Humble Roots

  From my back deck I can see the snowcapped Carson Range, the steadfast mountain range that rises up like a granite wall, acting as a barrier keeping the harsh Nevada desert at bay. In the morning I try to catch the sun rising over its quiet, dis… Read More

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Q1 2018 Vintage Northstar Market Update

  Vintage Northstar. Northstar Community. Northstar Neighborhood. Whatever you call it, this area continues to showcase longstanding value and premium product comprised of superb craftsmanship. Vintage Northstar truly has something for every budge… Read More

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Why Truckee? 5 Reasons Truckee is King of the Mountain for Living the Good Life

  There are a plethora of reasons why people choose to buy a home in Truckee. And why wouldn’t they? Truckee is one of the most unique mountain towns in the country, boasting everything that an outdoor lover could wish for. From skiing and camping… Read More

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9001 Northstar Drive - OVP 501 Gondola Building

How Are You Spending Your QTR?

  When I first started at TMR I began hearing the acronym QTR used a lot. It was casually slipped into conversations here and there but I was clueless as to what it stood for. As someone who did a stint in the military, acronyms are something that… Read More

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2017 Q3 Northstar Market Update

  Well, here we are, a mere 42 days away from opening day at Northstar. Before we know it the lifts will be spinning, the Village will be bustling, and the mountain will be boasting several feet of fresh powder. What better way to pass the time un… Read More

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Vintage Northstar

  Vintage Northstar. The old guard and a testimony to Northstar’s history, progression, and its ultimate rise to becoming the premier ski resort community on the West Coast. It is constant and familiar. Whether you’ve owned in this prestigious are… Read More

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503 Lars Haugen_Rear Exterior_Low Res

Market Update – Week of May 1st – 7th

Just as we transition from winter coats to flip flops in the Spring, so too does the luxury real estate market from experiencing chilly, reluctant property viewers to fired up, eager property buyers. This week saw 29 transactions (9 condos / 20 single… Read More

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