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Year End, 2016 Old Greenwood Market Overview

In a year of record-setting sales throughout the region, Old Greenwood maintained its position as a steady, consistent performer in 2016. Home values in the community have been increasing steadily since 2010, and in 2016 were up 6% over the year prior.… Read More

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Q3, 2016 Old Greenwood Market Update

  Q3 2016 will be noteworthy in the life cycle of Old Greenwood as the time of the first new developer-offered properties in the community in ten years. Since the summertime release of these seven townhomes, known as the Legacy Collection, there h… Read More

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Coming Soon – The Legacy Collection

  The Legacy Collection at Old Greenwood is a small enclave of seven residences within the Old Greenwood community. Originally built with the fractional ownership offerings at Old Greenwood, the prospect of selling the properties as fractional own… Read More

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Old Greenwood 2016 Market Update

  Old Greenwood’s reputation as a steady and consistent performer within the Tahoe-Truckee real estate market remained intact for 2015. With limited home inventory Old Greenwood saw fewer sales than in past years, but there were significant jumps… Read More

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Tost Northstar Christmas Skiing

Mountain Holiday Traditions – Skiing on Christmas

  Living in a mountain town has always meant following a vacation schedule opposite that of residents of larger cities and towns: when winter break comes, everyone leaves the city and heads for the mountains, filling our community with friends, fa… Read More

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Old Greenwood Fractional Market Update

The previous 60 days have been productive for Old Greenwood fractional share sales. With 14 re-sales sold and a few withdrawn listings, the active inventory is down from 105 shares two months ago to just 88 shares today (and from a peak of 108 listings… Read More

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October Update

The weather is absolutely perfect in Tahoe now that fall is in full swing, and it’s worth a trip up to see the leaves changing and to enjoy the warm days and crisp nights before the snow arrives. Aside from biking, hiking, trail running, and other… Read More

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